Monthly Archives: December 2013

Running the latest ResourceSpace in 5 minutes on Vagrant

I recently started to fix some issues with the Smart Keywording ResourceSpace plugin and the latest ResourceSpace. Since I need a running ResourceSpace to test the plugin, and because I also need a fresh ResourceSpace sometimes to check whether everything installs correctly or to test a specific version, I built a configuration for Vagrant that allows me to boot up a fresh installation of ResourceSpace within 5 minutes. Fresh means really fresh, i.e., no data, latest commit from trunk, perfect for development and testing. But Vagrant also allows me to keep the state of a virtual machine until I explicitly destroy it. And I can have different versions of the virtual machine. If I modify the configuration to map different ports, they can even run in parallel.

I encourage you to checkout Vagrant, which seems to be great for having dedicated, small VMs for development and testing.

You can find the Vagrant configuration at github.