My name is Carsten Saathoff and I am a Senior Software Engineer at Kisters working on Big Data timeseries management and archiving. I mainly work with Scala, Java, and some shell scripting. I work with Akka, Spray, and different NoSQL databases, such as HBase, MongoDB, or Redis. I also have a profile on GitHub, where I occasionally contribute to open-source projects.

Before starting at Kisters, I was CTO and co-founder of Kreuzverweis, a startup company working on Smart Keywording, a web service providing advanced keywording features for digital asset management systems, and doctivity, a document management tool tailor-made for teams. Besides developing, I was also responsible for the architecture and the infrastructure. We used continuous deployment, so all our processes are tailored to this approach.

Before that, I was research assistant at the University of Koblenz in the group WeST of Professor Steffen Staab. My main research interests concerned the Semantic Web and Multimedia Technologies. I worked on rich and efficient annotation of multimedia content and on multimedia reasoning approaches. I was mainly interested in integrating automatic and manual methods to improve the access to and management of multimedia content, and to exploit the potential of semantic web technologies in this area. I worked mainly in the projects aceMedia and K-Space.

During my studies I worked as a web developer on different projects involving content management and e-commerce solutions based on PHP, Perl and InterShop. I also worked as a student assistant on a project called GERHARD2, a search engine that involved automatic classification of web sites. In that project I worked with Oracle, Oracle PL/SQL, Java and Semantic Web technologies.